Take Your Pick



There's always lots of fruit-snackin' going on at our house. Which means I buy toothpicks by the hundreds.

What do the two have in common? you might ask.

Just take a look...

I'm not sure how the toothpick thing started, except that I bought this adorable bird toothpick holder at a flea market in Brooklyn a few years ago, and I set it on my kitchen windowsill with toothpicks. (See the little mirror that sits right beside it? That's so I can actually pick my teeth as needed.) But most of the toothpicks go to the kids' fruit, by day or by night.

It's fun to use something tiny and wooden.

It's fun to poke at something.

It's fun to pack a toothpick in the kids' lunch containers for school.

It's fun to have less forks to put in the dishwasher and then back in the silverware drawer.

It's fun to know my little bird on the windowsill is both beautiful and useful.

With so many fruit choices after an Aldi shopping trip like this, you can take your pick.

Then take your pick.

Then take your pic.