“I’m out of mood elevators and I’ve found a pen.”
-from a greeting card

I write because I need to and I write to bless others. I write because I’ve been inspired and because I want to inspire. I write blog posts. I pen letters (I buy stamps!). I copy quotes I love by writers I love in my commonplace book. I copy lines of whatever I’m memorizing. I don’t quite “write” recipes, but I do tweak them to suit my family. I write list after list, day after day, so that I won’t forget. I journal thoughts and hopes and prayers. I write to see and to heal. I like to think that all this ink flows from a living font, a productive source by which I am also privileged to write goodness, truth, and beauty on the hearts of my children. And all these things I love to share! Thank you for joining me here where Writing Is My Way. 



I love to take what I could say to the masses and dole it out to one person at a time, one letter at a time. A handwritten letter is a gift, to me the writer, as much as to anyone.


My love for quotes knows no bounds. I collect the words of Anne Lamott, Alexander McCall Smith, Gretchen Rubin, and more into my blank books for sanity and hope.


I have a passion for memory work and memory play. The classical school model aids us, and our hearts and minds surprise us as the words we put in begin to come out.


Treats for breakfast and “Root for Fruit.” Toothpicks are handy. Tofu is dandy. Beets are neat. We all gotta eat. Recipes are to be prepared and shared. Come along then.