January Journal: Day 25



Never underestimate the power of simplicity.

Cash loves to think he discovered "apple milk." Story claims "banana milk" as her own. Sailor will eat either one happily.

All you do, for a bedtime snack, is chop up apple or banana in small pieces. Put the fruit in a bowl or mug. Add cinnamon. Top with vanilla almond milk. Then enjoy the sibling camaraderie while they eat it.

In my own food diary, if I had one, I would write that I had another green lunch on this gorgeous sunny day. I never really set out to eat green lunches, but I'm stuck on broccoli.

I love, love, love steamed broccoli with Kerrygold butter and Tessa spice. Lots of butter and lots of Tessa spice.

I also love avocado toast, which is toasted Udi's bread + mashed avocado + lemon or lime juice + a drizzle of olive oil + crushed red pepper + salt & pepper.

I also love this blanched broccoli salad. I'll save the recipe for this weekend.

And now I know I also love apple milk. I had to try it last night after making it again for Cash and Sailor and smelling the cinnamon. It's better than you think. And to make it, you don't have to think.