Pink Power Detox Smoothie


My new favorite smoothie glows. It's irresistible, in color and taste. There are no bananas, and for that I am most grateful. I overdid it on banana-based smoothies a couple years ago and had almost sworn off smoothies altogether. Smoothies have my heart again, thanks to this creative concoction from OhSheGlows.

My kids have fallen in love with this smoothie too, although they prefer me to leave the beets out of theirs. In other words, they ask for the "no-beet" beet smoothie. I double the recipe, adding all the ingredients in duplicate, and leaving out the beets entirely at first. I pour their four small smoothies from the container, and then add the raw beets (a single recipe portion) to the remaining smoothie in the Vitamix. Then I reblend it to turn my smoothie into this gorgeous hot pink powerhouse of goodness. 

Print the recipe here.