No-vember Writing Practice


November is “back to the blog” month. It has been so good to have writing goals in recent months. I spent the summer writing the devotional I mentioned, and I spent October journaling on motherhood. Now I have decided to write a month of blog posts that all begin with “No” in the title.

It was Gretchen Rubin who wrote, “I decide, then I don’t decide,” in her habits-related book Better Than Before. She continues with these lines:

This is where deciding-not-to-decide comes to the rescue. I don’t revisit my habits. I just think, “This is what I’m doing today.” Trust the habit. I take that first step, over and over and over.
— Gretchen Rubin, Better Than Before

My first step for this new month of writing practice is to mention the rules I’ve made for myself:

  1. I will write on weekdays during the month of November.

  2. I will begin every title with the word No.

  3. I will keep each post to 400 words or less.

  4. I will not spend more than an hour on any day’s post.

  5. I will include at least one photo each day.

  6. I will give myself the freedom to take two weekdays in November off.


I have been jotting down ideas in this tiny green notebook for the past couple of weeks and am excited to launch into this fun and curious experiment. I also look forward to December, when I will give myself a break from daily writing practice. After a month of No’s, I will say Yes to a little time off!