No Bad Weather?


There’s also a saying (song) that goes: Summertime, and the living is easy…

I don’t agree with the Nordic idea about no weather being bad, but I do know wearing the right clothes makes dealing with the bad weather easier. After three rainy Fridays in a row, followed by a rainy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and possibly Thursday this week, I am reminded again of how little I can control.

But I can don rain boots and a rain jacket to go feed the chickens.


It was a swift transition this fall from wearing flip-flops all day long to winter boots in the house. I learned my lesson the hard way (8 winters in Chicago) that the right clothes make winter bearable. I didn’t say fun, and I won’t ever wish for snow again, but I accept the cold as part of life and try not to complain.

Rain makes puddles
Rain makes sounds
Rain erases chalk
And softens the ground

Snow cancels school
Snow closes stores
Snow brightens day
And draws kids outdoors

Wind cools a run
Wind tangles hair
Wind chops lake
And makes skiing a dare

Sun lures me out
Sun soaks my skin
Sun lifts my mood
And heals me again