January Journal: Day 8



I wrote a post a while back called Ten Minutes with a Timer, about doing something hard for ten minutes only as a way to make a beginning. It works for most anything.

I am giving myself ten minutes to write this blog post, simply because I need to do it and I don't feel it. Let's see how many times I'm interrupted.

Yesterday, the snow day, was a fancy day. The kids played outside three separate times throughout the day, and even though I could do without snow, I was happy to see them having so much fun.

Everyone was in bed by 8:30 last night...

(Interruption #1: Cash telling me that he is going to go play outside.)

Alone at the kitchen island, I kept the laundry cycles going and wrote a letter of recommendation for a friend and ate pretzels, which was different. Grapes, yes, all the time. Pretzels, hardly ever.

The other different thing I did was go to bed at 9:45, read for a while, and turn off my light at 10:10. That was unexpected and amazing because I usually don't go to bed until 11 or 11:30.

This morning's breakfast was oatmeal loaf for the kids and no-bake bars for me with peach green tea because I didn't feel like making coffee. We put the sheet up on the window to block the sunshine from Sailor's eyes. The kids played while I cleaned up the kitchen. They played while I read aloud to them another chapter of Peter Pan (Sailor watched Elmo). We...

(Interruption #2: Cash asking me to help him zip his gloves for going out.)

(Interruption #3: Story showing me the hidden pictures she found on a puzzle lid.)

(Interruption #4: Sailor crying in her bed, after only sleeping for 45 minutes.)

I have only two minutes left anyway.

So we got ready for church, which involves me making lots of snacks. Story and Sailor kept entertained the last half hour before we left by dressing themselves up in snow gear, but being told over and over they couldn't go out till after church.

Church was us showing up, being present, me helping in the preschool class, remembering Jesus in his body and blood, Sailor asking for snacks, Story changing out of her snow boots during church, talking to my friends Amy and Sarah and Jill, singing, meeting some old pals from Clemson who were visiting our church, sitting with little kids, looking around at all the families I love, missing TJ.

Nothing fancy this Sunday. Nothing fancy this blog post.