Fifteen-Minute Sufferings

My fifteen-minute sufferings showed me how much I could accomplish when I did a manageable amount of work, on a regular basis.
— Gretchen Rubin, Happier at Home

I have some clothes to sell, and though I do want the money, I don't want the hassle of figuring out how to sell them. I have an offer from a friend to sell them on Fickle Resale, a local yet hard-to-get-into Facebook group that is similar to CraigsList. Going this route, I am concerned I won't be able to charge what I feel the clothes are worth, plus the rebel in me doesn't like that I can't just join the group myself due to its exclusivity or whatever. 

On another recommendation, I've been looking into Poshmark, but I find myself getting quickly overwhelmed by the unfamiliar territory of this online, rather upscale, selling site. I push myself a little to learn something new, and then I revert back to it's not worth the work thinking. Sometimes I get stuck deciding which I want more, in this case the money and the cleaned-out closet or the lack of hassle and the time saved by not tackling a tough task. 

So last night, I asked for TJ's opinion on the two selling options and he suggested I begin with trying to sell one item on Poshmark. See how it goes. See how much work it is to sell. See how fast the item sells. See how much money they take from what I earn (a piece of information I could not find on their site anywhere!). 


In the mix are nine Lululemon pieces, a J. Crew bathing suit, several Gap items, an American Eagle hoodie, a stack of tank tops, two Merona dresses from Target, and more. I am going to suffer for fifteen minutes starting next Thursday because I like to plans things in advance so I can psyche myself up and because my day to myself today is already full.

The plan is this: A short by Lululemon. A short fifteen-minute suffering. And a short story to tell afterwards. 

Stay tuned!