Yay for Paella


Please repeat: pie-yay-uh. pie-yay-uh.

I thought my #2 dinner recipe for April wasn't going to happen. I have been cooking all month, but there have been lots of repeats of things I've already posted on the blog. I thought of lowering the bar, but then I thought of making chicken paella while there was still time. (And that meant another opportunity to invite someone for dinner...keep reading).

Chicken paella is one of the meals I make that shines. Not because I perform the recipe in any particularly amazing way, but because it's one of those solid recipes that yields a rave-worthy result, time after time. I am proud of having this in my cooking repertoire. Thank you greatly, Real Simple. It is real(ly) simple.

I have made this meal for many, many guests in our home. It's what I make to please, to comfort, to woo, to wow. It's my favorite way to eat chicken, and I am not a fan of chicken. Pickled jalapeños and fresh scallions for toppings are a must. And the meal is always significantly better with a glass of red wine among friends.

On Friday night, the friend was a delightful gal named Kara and her three children, the oldest of whom attends Kindergarten with Story. Kara and I had such a pleasant time of talking in the kitchen and getting to know each other better while I cooked. When we finally sat down to dinner, the chicken paella was as solid as ever. I say "yay for a new friend" and "yay for paella."

The PDF awaits you: Easy Chicken Paella