Thank You Thursday


Thank you, Thursday, for a bowl of berries.

Thank you, Thursday, for warm October weather, for a leaf shower outside my back door, and for pumpkins everywhere so Sailor could find them on our walk.

Thank you, Thursday, for nobody sick and everybody at school, for the peace of a quiet house, and for time to catch up on GVL Today emails.

Thank you, Thursday, for green things for lunch: avocado toast and steamed broccoli.

Thank you, Thursday, for a hardworking husband who does what he does so I can do what I do.

Thank you, Thursday, for thirty whole minutes to copy quotes into my Blank Book.

Thank you, Thursday, for my friend Michelle to pick up the kids from school, for the fun they will have at their playdate, and for the extra time to write I have this afternoon.

Thank you, Thursday, for my crock pot cooking, for my baby girl singing happily and noisily in her crib (even though she's supposed to be sleeping), and for being alive right here, right now.

Thursday is not the only day to be thankful but it is a good one. Think Thanksgiving once a week, except instead of cooking and hosting, you get to write a letter and feast on gratitude.

Try it; you might thank me later.

Take time today or any Thursday (or every Thursday) to write a note of thanks to someone in your life. It takes only a few minutes but it delivers a generous helping of goodwill. It's the great transfer of thanks. You feel thankful, so you put it in writing. The person receiving the note of thanks feels thankful to have received it, and then thankful as well for the happiness their life brought about in whatever it was that they did for you. They might even think for a second about writing a thank you for the thank you. I seriously have to stop myself sometimes. No, I won't write Rose to thank her for the beautiful bicycle thank you card. 

Bicycle Thank You
Bicycle Thank You

I'll just display it for months on the red cabinet, along with the beautiful orchid from my friend Ashley, which I received as a thank you gift and for which I was also tempted to write a thank you note.

Let the wellspring of thanksgiving begin with you.

Thank your pastor. Thank your mom or your dad. Thank your neighbor. Thank your friend. Thank your kid. Thank your kid's teacher. Thank your tattooist. Thank Tandem. Thank the story time librarian. Thank your husband. Thank your sister. Thank your grandmother.

And then thank your lucky stars that you have so much to be thankful for.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 118:1