Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash

It has been more than four months since I’ve posted a recipe, but we are certainly still eating over here. Bauer has surpassed both me and TJ in height and is now 5’ 10.” Sailor turns 4 tomorrow and can eat her weight in fruit. The middle two eat medium amounts of food, and since family meals are hugely important to us, cooking continues to consume many hours each week.

Two things happened recently to inspire a new recipe post. First, my friend Janna texted me over the weekend, asking if I could post more recipes soon, which reminded me that it’s fun to know my friends are cooking the things I cook. Then on Tuesday, I made this Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash as part of a picnic spread to take to Cash’s weeknight soccer game. I was going to text my friend Jennifer the link from my blog that afternoon as we were texting, but upon searching, I realized that it wasn’t on the blog.


This Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash is a Wellness Mama recipe. I don’t spend much time on her site on a regular basis, but if there’s something I want to research but don’t actually want to do the research myself, the Wellness Mama is a reliable resource with a holistic approach to food and lifestyle choices. She has quite the collection of paleo recipes on her site too, and If Bauer could eat eggs, I would probably make more of her recipes. I have my eye on this Apple Cinnamon Muffin recipe to try soon for the other kids.

I buy the three-pound package of Aidells brand Chicken & Apple Sausage from Costco for this dish, and we love the flavor. These sausages are also really great simply pan-fried or grilled. I keep the sausage in the freezer and thaw one pack (one pound) in a bowl of cold water just an hour before I am ready to slice it for the recipe.


I just searched the Wellness Mama site to look for the link to the hash so I could note it on the recipe PDF as an adaptation. Evidently she updated the recipe just a month ago from the printed copy I have from March 2015. I have always made the meal as a dinner recipe, but she has it shown as a breakfast recipe with eggs included. You will have to take a look at both variations and see which you are drawn to try. I am going to include the PDF below for the recipe I make and that was originally on the Wellness Mama site back in 2015.

Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash