Plum Good Kale Salad

After a couple weeks of heavy-content blog writing, I thought I’d offer something a little shorter and lighter: a kale salad recipe.

Back in later summer/early fall, when Costco sold big clamshells of plums, we had this salad for days. I haven’t looked for plums lately, which means I haven’t made this salad lately. But I’ve had the pictures saved and waiting for a blog post for a while. I still buy kale all through the winter, for roasted kale and for this soup and this soup, but now that I think of it, I bet this salad would be good with thinly sliced pears in place of the plums until it’s plum season again.


If you don’t have a block of parmesan, you could also use goat cheese or feta cheese. The main thing is to make this exact dressing and to massage it into the kale leaves really well to soften them up. I buy bags of precut kale from Aldi and work through the leaves by hand removing the tough stems. Our chickens get the stems in their bin of scraps, and all the leafy greens are ours.

And now the recipe is yours: Plum Good Kale Salad