Obituary for a Cat

We were filled with a right and fond affection for another living thing your hands had made, delighting daily in its presence.
— Douglas McKelvey, Every Moment Holy, "A Liturgy for the Loss of a Living Thing"

This good cat who was a comfortable fixture in our lives
Has now passed on to the place of cats who have become late.
Each time we step on his rug in our comings and goings.
We will remember his mysterious comings and goings.
We did not know when we bought our house
That we were also saying yes to a cat.
Each night that we no longer see him
Will remind us that he was a creature of light as much as of darkness. 
For from this cat's presence,
Our hearts received light they did not know they wanted,
And we are thankful to have experienced love for an animal. 

R.I.P. Johnny Cat
Unknown Date of Birth
Died December 9, 2017