Monday Minutiae: What's Tandem?


Dear Tandem,

You are my favorite place to eat in Greenville. I know you're in Traveler's Rest, but close enough. Only 12 minutes from our house anyway.

I love your Sausage and Potato Crepe so much. I love your Roasted Roots Crepe second-best. I love that you make my crepes gluten-free by using cornmeal batter, and you don't charge me extra for that. When I want sweet, I love the Strawberries and Cream Crepe you had a month ago and that Peach one I tried last time after the strawberries were out of season. You just keep surprising me and I'm not tired of you yet.

I think about you almost every day, in fact. If I was an eat-out-for-lunch person, who was game for hauling my kids around town, I would come to your place a few times a week at least. Instead, I dream of you, Tandem, while I steam a 1-pound bag of broccoli and then load my florets with Kerrygold butter and Tessa Spice. And I mean, load.

I like the way you look, both on the inside and out, with your bike motif going on. I almost bought a bike t-shirt you have up front, but I'm not really a t-shirt girl. I'm a bike girl, though, so you really speak my language.

"Together is best," you say. That's crepes and coffee. Or tandem bikes. But it's also me and TJ, having a lunch date on your side porch. You keep your windows open and your fans a-blowin'. Your parking lot stays full, but I can't blame you. And that line out the front door is not my favorite, when we come at peak times. You are worth the wait, though, and Emily on the register more than makes up for it with her friendly conversation and kind demeanor.

And oh, your food, I could sing its praises again and again. Well, I do, in fact. I bring all my visitors to see you. My mom, my sister, my in-laws, my friends. I'll bring my agent when I get one.

Thank you for being born, and for living so close to me. I have you on my calendar, and I promise I will see you soon.

XO, Ginger

P.S. You look really good in the video TJ made for you. Cheers for crepes!