January Journal: Day 28



On the days when I'm all broccoli'ed out, or there aren't enough leftovers, or I don't want the kids to eat another sandwich, I resort to lunch from a box.

Lundberg serves up the beans and rice and Vitacost serves up a great price.

I saute the peppers and onion, chop the lettuce and avocado, and assemble the bowls.

Story needs help mixing and then she digs in.

And yes, that is baby food my 5-year old is eating. Story loves the Gerber sweet potato baby food and eats one almost every day. Sailor's favorites are butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green peas, and carrots. They will eat the real foods and do when I cook them, but on the days when a quick lunch veggie is needed, these are the best!

It takes two boxes of the Red Beans and Rice if the kids and I are all having this same lunch, but today it was just Story, Sailor, and me. Bauer was eating leftover baked tofu and rice with almond butter sauce from last night's dinner, while Cash was eating leftover "Easy Peasy" black beans and rice, cooked in the crock pot with bacon, onions, and garlic, from the night before last's dinner.

Even though it takes a while in the kitchen to put all the different leftovers and new foods together for one Saturday's lunch, I am thankful I can do it, and that I feel well to do it, and that I want to do it. I am thankful I have time to do it, and that I have children to do it for.

Thank you, Lundberg. Thank you, Vitacost.

Lundberg's Butternut Squash Risotto is another great easy lunch, especially if you steam green peas and mix them into the risotto.