January Journal: Day 22



Now for one of Bauer's favorites, and what the kids had for breakfast this morning: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Loaf. (You know what I had, don't you?)

Don't let the word loaf deter you. Loaf just means it's sliceable.

Because poor Bauer can't eat anything at Tandem due to his egg allergy, this has become his Tandem replacement. He eats 4 or 5 big slices while we eat our crepes. Because I make a double recipe, there is still plenty of oatmeal loaf for Bauer and the rest of the kids on the day after Tandem too.

I've started letting Bauer measure the dry ingredients for the loaves. He is very precise and enjoys the routine. I think it has been good to get him involved in the process of making something of which he is the beneficiary.

I store the loaves in the fridge overnight, which makes for easier slicing at breakfast time. Everybody in our family likes the loaf cold anyway. You could also reheat your slices in the toaster oven for a few minutes and have melted chocolate chips.

Breakfast or dessert? You decide.

Bauer's stacks: Oatmeal Loaf and cards for Russian Bank

Bauer's stacks: Oatmeal Loaf and cards for Russian Bank

Here is the PDF to print for your reference:
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Loaf