Fish Taco Bowls


These Fish Taco Bowls are a new family favorite. At first, I tried buying plain fish and seasoning it myself. Unfortunately, I picked a recipe that was too spicy, and no one was having that. But once we tried the preseasoned packets of fish at Costco, I knew we were on to something sustainable. These bowls are one of the easiest meals I make these days and every single one of us likes them. Also, when I arrange the ingredients in the bowls each time, I find joy all over again at seeing the pretty colors and textures come together. 

You'll see on the recipe that I either buy mahi or cod from the frozen food section at Costco. We like both, but everyone says they like the mahi better. The mahi is a couple dollars more expensive per pound, so I still buy the cod sometimes to save money.


I make roasted sweet potatoes with almost anything these days, or we occasionally have tortilla chips. The veggie tray is a fixture no matter what's for dinner. 


There's not much more to say because this recipe is just so simple! To fancy it up, there's also a Cilantro-Lime Dressing that you can make to drizzle over top of everything. I've included it in the recipe notes. Click the PDF to view and print. 

And while we're on the subject, Sailor got a fishing pole a few days ago and the kids spent an afternoon fishing during our Spring Break this past week. 

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