Egg Roll in a Bowl


A friend shared this recipe with me a few years ago, right after we first moved to Greenville, when TJ and I did Whole 30. I remember that we liked it, but for some reason it didn't stay in our meal rotation. Recently, though, I brought it back and now I've made the recipe twice in the last two weeks. Based on the rave reviews from all family members, it is here to stay. I did not expect my kids to enjoy it as much as they do, but it makes me thankful. 

The recipe is called "Egg Roll in a Bowl," even though we serve it on steamed cabbage leaves (for me and TJ) and corn tortillas (for the kids). I think you could just eat it out of a bowl but you'd probably need to double the recipe because the meat wouldn't stretch as far. Or just serve it from a big bowl, like I do, and the name still fits.


I have only made the recipe with sausage but I think ground beef would be good too. I'll give that a try sometime soon. I've been buying the Greenbriar Farms sage breakfast sausage from Whole Foods, and when it's on sale for $4.99 a pound, the more I buy. However, I've recently become smitten with the Providence Farms sausage that Tandem is now using in their Sausage and Potato Crepe (for reasons unknown to me, they switched from Greenbriar to Providence). The PF sausage is a tiny bit spicy, but I love the texture. I heard Providence Farms has a tent at the TR Farmer's Market, so we hope to check it out soon.

IMG_1478 (1).jpg

Cabbage is so good! 

Here's the recipe to view and print: Egg Roll in a Bowl