Coconut Quinoa & Lentil Curry



That mango I bought at Publix turned out to be a good one atop this past Friday night's meal, and we were, of course, all hungry by then.

My sister shared this recipe with me when she came to visit us in Greenville last winter. We made it together the first time, and from the initial bite, I knew it was one to add to my recipe rotation.

TJ and I love this curry, the boys like it, Story will swallow it if we make her, and Sailor won't touch it (yet). The flavors are strong in a good way and the lunchworthy leftovers are a dream.

It's a particular win with kids if you mash a bunch of 89-cent Aldi avocados and let them shovel in the simple guacamole with corn chips between bites of curry. Raw peppers dipped in avocado are delicious too.

Click to open and print the PDF of this recipe here:
Coconut Quinoa & Lentil Curry