Chicken Chilaquiles

This recipe is the tastiest, easiest, allergy-friendly crowd-pleaser you'll come across. My friend Sarah Hamilton, the one who is the brilliant cook in our circle, introduced our family to this meal sometime last summer. I have made it for guests a literal dozen times since then. 

This is the kind of main dish you can make in no more than ten minutes just before it's time to eat. As long as you have the ingredients measured and prepped in advance, you can take everything from fridge to table in just minutes. 

The recipe as presented here is a double recipe, which is how I always make it when we have more than one family to the lake at once. It makes enough for two large platters (to serve three large families). I love garnishing one of the platters with feta and cilantro, to make it seem fancier for the grown-ups, and leaving the other platter plain for the kids. 

I serve this dish with the same side items almost every time: a salad, a veggie tray, roasted sweet potatoes, and a fruit salad. Also sometimes with corn-on-the-cob, and a bowl of tortilla chips with guacamole. This little food routine works so well for hosting, why not keep it on repeat for summer? 

At the end of summer, we'll take a good long fall and winter break from this dish and then be right ready to start all over again next spring. Thank you Sarah for such a lovely dinner-winner! 

Click here for the PDF to print / Chicken Chilaquiles