Black Bean Burritos with Zucchini, Corn, and Avocado Salsa


How's that for a long recipe name? I think a more accurate name, to distinguish these burritos from any old bean burritos, would be "Pickled Onion and Cilantro Burritos" or "Black Bean Mash Burritos." The side dish of Zucchini, Corn, and Avocado salsa is a delicious combination of fresh green and yellow veggies. Maybe that dish we should call "Go Slow Salsa" for the stoplight colors.

My sister made the burritos once when I visited her in Boston and I knew right away I wanted to make them for my family. The pickled onions and cilantro add just the right amount of flair (and not weirdness or complication) to potentially boring black beans. This is not a difficult recipe to make and has proven to be suitable for the tricky/picky eaters if you leave the pickled onions off theirs (more for the adults!).

I love, love, love the salsa on the side. I first tried the salsa at a potluck Moms Night Out in my neighborhood a few years back and I just had to have the recipe (same as with the burritos). I usually prep the salsa early in the day so there is less chopping to do at dinnertime when I'm trying to pull the burritos together. Last, but not least, a great feature of the pairing of these recipes is the overlap of ingredients between the two. Scallions, cilantro, corn, green pepper: buy it once, use it twice!

Fry and flip, then fry some more!

Don't buy these Cassava & Chia tortillas anywhere but Deal Mart. I saw them at Whole Foods for $10.29 and my savvy shopper friend Jill bought these for me at Deal Mart for 50 cents. If only I had known how good they were, I would have stocked up!

Best gluten-free tortillas I've ever had right here.

The gluten-free tortillas tend to fall apart (see notes), but they still deliver big-time flavor.