Black Bean and Sweet Potato Salad with Pecan Rice



I realized this weekend that I have not yet posted any dinner recipes in March. My goal was to share two dinners each month and I like keeping goals. Thankfully I also like sharing recipes. So it's all good.

What's not to love about a dish that includes sweet potatoes, black beans, avocado, and pecans? This is a simple, yet brilliant combination that pairs some of my favorite foods in life. All the kids, except Sailor, like this meal, but that ratio works for me.  TJ always adds Tabasco "Chipotle" hot sauce to his bowl so he can forget about the pecans in the rice. The IPA helps too.

In my opinion, this savory-buttery-nutty rice is top notch and is the make-or-break element of this entire meal. Don't trick yourself into thinking plain rice will do.

So pick a spring day soon and go vegetarian! Give your kids a chance to like it too! Add loads of avocado, let them scoops bites with chips, and pass a colorful veggie tray around the table to let little fingers pick from and dip in hummus.

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Black Bean and Sweet Potato Salad / Pecan Rice