Beans & Greens Tacos

Swiss chard is usually the bottleneck for making this taco recipe. In other words, it's a main ingredient and I find it hard to come by, unless I'm making a trip to Whole Foods. Maybe Amazon will ship it to me now!?

When we planted our garden on Good Friday back in April, Swiss chard got half a row. I've picked the gorgeous, organic leaves just once so far, and the yield was just shy of a pound. 

I enjoyed the process of de-stemming and chopping to a greater degree than usual because I felt more connected to each leaf I touched. My garden grew these plants, and no hands but mine have touched them. That's a nourishing thought. 

I had hoped to have my own cilantro to add to these tacos as well, but alas, the cilantro didn't take. I've heard the same from multiple friends who've attempted cilantro. Greenville, even with all this heat, isn't Mexico. But I'll try again next year. 

These tacos are a favorite of mine and TJ's. Bauer and Cash like them, Story will tolerate if she can't see the greens, and Sailor is still in training. Corn-on-the-cob is a great side item to keep the little mouths busy. Chips and guac and a veggie tray with hummus work too. 

Click the link to view and print the recipe: Beans & Greens Tacos