Banana Split Oatmeal Parfait


This morning I made my kids a new (old) breakfast. It has probably been a couple years at least since I last made these parfaits, but Cash remembered them right away. On seeing the glasses, Sailor’s first response was: Are we having dessert?

IMG_2634 (1).jpg

I recently updated my recipe binders and rediscovered this recipe. It is from a Quaker Oats advertisement that I pulled from some magazine years ago. I’m glad I kept it because it made for an interesting and fun breakfast for the kids.

IMG_2649 (1).jpg

I wasn’t sure the girls would like the parfaits so I made them small ones to try. Story asked for more and Sailor asked for less. Cash’s portion was just right.


Bauer still prefers his favorite muffins for breakfast, but he will often eat a huge bowl of oatmeal with chopped apple, raisins, brown sugar, and cinnamon for lunch on the days he’s home. Without asking, I knew not to make a parfait for Bauer. But given this morning’s success with at least half my kids, I will definitely be adding this option to the breakfast repertoire.

Banana Split Oatmeal Parfait