A Dollar A Day



Bauer and I are alike in that we like to calculate things, track things, or otherwise keep tabs on things. Case in point: I was texting with a friend recently whose family we are having over for dinner tomorrow night. Here's a portion of the conversation that fits the keeping-up-with-stuff part of my personality:

I like knowing what I have cooked for people, and I like cooking them something different next time.

I also like knowing how many cups of coffee we get from a bag of beans. I did the calculations for one bag of Methodical back in February, and it was a fun endeavor.

To say we got 16 cups of coffee from a bag is a little misleading. A "cup" for me is a full-to-the-brim 16-oz mug, and for TJ, it's a small mug at home, and then half of his Klean Kanteen insulated thermos to take to work.

My goal in tracking our coffee consumption was not to measure the cups as 8-oz portions, but rather to measure the number of servings in one bag of our favorite coffee. In other words, how much money does it take for TJ and me to both have the amount of coffee we want on any given day?

It's about a dollar a day for each of us, or less if we drink our second favorite coffee, Counter Culture Hologram, and buy it on sale at Fresh Market.

But mostly, Methodical is our method. It's a happy, hip dollar a day. It's our reward for Tony Horton, our magic moment at the table, our shared morning ritual, our enjoyment of one of life's little pleasures. It's our companion to no-bake bars (plus eggs for TJ), our contribution to buying local, our caffeine carrier, another case-in-point for calculating the things we love.